Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have land?
A: Sometimes but not always. We can definitely get you with someone that can help you find some.

Q: What does my credit score have to be?
A: We take all credit scores. The lower the score the higher the down payment.

Q: Do you have financing for land home packages?
A: Yes

Q: Can we use our land as collateral?
A: Yes

Q: Is buying a home like buying a car?
A: No

Q: Is buying a home a quick process? A: It is a process but it can be as long or as short as the customer makes it.

Q: Can I use my VA loan? A: VA makes it nearly impossible to complete the homebuying process. We have never seen one go all the way to close.

Q: Will you match or beat anyone’s price?
A: As long as it is a real price and we’re comparing apples to apples, yes.

Q: Can you deliver anywhere in Texas and Louisiana?
A: Yes. We will find a way to get it anywhere as long as it makes sense for the customer.